5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Clothes

  I have always had a slight obsession with clothes. 

I remember in sixth grade I got so many articles of clothing for my birthday that I was able to wear them without repeating up until holiday break at school. As my birthday is November 23 and that means almost a month of no outfit repeats, please let’s not all judge my mom at once ๐Ÿ˜‰ (In fairness, clothes were all I wanted for my birthday, and at about $10 per piece, there we were.)

Naturally, I’ve had to quell this passion of mine as time has gone on. Between Andrew and myself, I use about 80% of the closet space.

Yet I constantly stand there saying, “I have nothing to wear.”

All. the. time. Why do us girls do this to ourselves?

Alas, in an effort to become more minimalistic (ha! that’ll be the day), I have a couple questions I’ve come to ask myself over the years that help me decide if that top is really worth it. Without further adieu…

The 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Clothes

1 – Do I LOVE it?

This is critical. Do you LOVE it? The answer to this question is easier than you think. If you love it, you’ll know. If you slightly hesitate, then easy. The answer is you don’t love it. So back to the rack with you

Don’t start second guessing either.

“Well, I would love this on a weekend in June for a happy hour on the patio…”

“I think I’d love this at that wedding I have for my second cousin once removed back in Ohio in September…”

No. You don’t love it. Put it back. 

2 – What is the Price Per Wear?

This one is a Jane Radis original. (That’s my mom. The same one we love for getting me 4 weeks of new outfits for my 6th grade bday.)

Ask yourself: what is the price per wear? While I think this might have become more of an intelligent tactic my mom used to justify buying things over the years (haha), this is truly a critical thought. 

And the only thing that is allowed to have a high price per wear? That would be your wedding dress. 

That blue crushed velvet cold shoulder top? If it’s $75 and you only foresee yourself (realistically) wearing it three times, that’s a $25 price per wear. That’s a bit much. 

Those $300 Frye boots you’ll wear literally every day from September through December? Some quick math. Let’s say that’s 100 wears, then that’s a $3 price per wear and it would even end up being a lot less because you’ll wear them multiple seasons. So the boots could definitely be justified. 

Do I personally whip out my calculator when I’m out shopping? No.

The idea is if you’ll wear the piece a ton, it might be worth it even though it’s expensive. And if it’s decently priced and something you know you’ll wear all the time, I say go for it. 

3 – Quality is King 

Number 3 has to do with the quality of the item. I ask myself: is this a Forever 21 quality shirt that is going to literally unravel and shed off my body on wear #2? Then I’m not getting it.

This one gets easier with age, I’ve found. It reminds me of the million dollar purple fuzzy sequin telephone I got from Limited Too when I wanted a phone SO BADLY in my room. Well I got that phone, and then I had to get it again and again and again 4+ times because its quality was awful and we kept having to exchange it for a new one. 

Questionable quality is never a good purchase. 

4 – “Well, it’s cheap so I’ll just get it.” NO! 

This is related to #3, and I still fall victim to this. For some bizarre reason, every now and then I find a decent quality top that is like $5 and reasonably cute. In this situation, first, you must question if it’s really decent quality. (It’s probably not.) And next and more importantly, you have to realize you will probably never end up wearing this shirt/skirt/sweater, and it will only add to the madness that is your opposite-of-a-capsule-wardrobe wardrobe. 

Never get something just because it’s cheap. If you really do love it, though..of course, by all means make that $15 dress look $300. 

5 – Do I Own Similar Pieces?

I currently have three bright pink tank top blouses. Three of them. Simply because when I bought bright pink tank top #2, I forgot about bright pink tank top #1, and when I bought bright pink tank top #3, I forgot about bright pink tank tops numbers 1-2. So don’t forget to consider whether you have something similar. 

Do you have any other questions you ask yourself before buying clothes? 



PS – Here is one of my three bright pink tank tops ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

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