A New Adventure, A New Home for July

As I write this I’m in my Uber to O’Hare airport to fly to my new home for the month. By the time I publish this, I’ll likely be settled in drumrolllllll…San Francisco – told you my new job was very Silicon Valley for this Midwestern girl ๐Ÿ™‚ Ha. I’ve never been to SF so I’m definitely hoping to explore amidst a training schedule that goes right up until the last minute on Friday, July 28.
It’s funny because just yesterday I had to take a personality/strengths test for this job and one of the dozens of questions it asked me was about crying; I had to place myself on two ends of the spectrum. It was something like “crying is a natural part of my life” down to “I rarely cry.” I selected I rarely cry, which is true. I can’t even remember the last couple times I cried (welllll, probably a really touching commercial…so in hindsight, perhaps I answered this question wrong, haha). But when I left Andrew in Chicago, I actually had tears in my eyes. I’ll miss that favorite redhead of ours, you all, and it reminded me to be grateful for the everyday.

We can be ingrained in such routine that we forget to see the good in the ordinary everyday. 

For example, take last night. Last night Andrew grilled us bison hot dogs on our building’s roofdeck and we facetimed his family who are all at the lake. It was such a great everyday moment that I took for granted until right now as I sit here in this Toyota Camry with my oversized suitcase, missing him and Chicago already. PS- who doesn’t love a hot dog (amirite), and I’m telling you right now, pay the big bucks and get bison hot dogs because they’re actually protein-packed and good for you (relatively) and taste just like a normal hot dog!
But aside from glowing hot dog recos, my point is, appreciate the everyday moments. Appreciate the one who grills you hot dogs, the phone calls catching up with family or friends, the sunshine streaming outside your window, the stranger who smiled at you on the street, a family member who helped you assemble a new piece of furniture, the laugh of a toddler – all of it. I hope you appreciate all of those little moments you live out today and are more aware of them even as they happen right before you. 
And when you do get a little overwhelmed or you have a sad “see ya later” to say to someone like I did, remember last week’s post about how we only change if we’re challenged. I have to remind myself of my own words so many times because they can be so easy to forget.
So off to Cali this Chicago girl goes, reminding myself how lucky I am to get to experience this new “everyday” (California-style) for another month, and then come August, return home to Chicago and my comfortable, familiar life that I’m blessed with there too. My hope is that I’ll appreciate all of it, and that you do the same in your own life, wherever you are and whatever season you’re in.
And given that today is the 4th of July (HBD, America!), I should also note how humbling it is that so much of the reason we are afforded the reality of such abundant everyday blessings is because of the country we call home. God bless the USA.
Love from a sappier than usual me who is not planning to change this blog to Avenue West Coast for the month, 
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