Done is Better Than Perfect

Yesterday I wrote this Instagram post about how it felt like God snapped his fingers at me to get my attention like, “Jenny, give me my mornings back!” after I was scrolling through my phone unproductively and let’s be honest, totally wasting my morning away. In the very moment I was taking a photo to put on my Instagram story (eye roll, I know), my phone died. I will also say, I never forget to charge my phone at night, so my phone is nearly always at 100% in the morning. Yesterday morning Andrew  mentioned something when we were getting up like, “Did you know your phone is only at 10%?” I said that was weird, it must’ve not charged or fallen off the charger. But then I forgot, and then it died in the very moment I was doing probably exactly what God did not want me to be doing during just about the only quiet, solo time of the day I could be spending with Him. I don’t think it was happenstance my phone didn’t charge the night before, I think it was the scheming God above plotting to teach me a little something. He works in mysterious ways, they say. haha 

So this morning I got up, went to our building’s fitness room upstairs and was listening to a video

Now I’m sitting on the mat taking a break from my workout to write this quick post because the video totally hit home with me. (Also what a great excuse not to workout haha jk.)

The video is all about how to prevent being overwhelmed. 

I wrote a post about this topic that I fully stand by, but the premise of the video is so simple and resonant I wanted to share it too. It’s an even more simplified approach to dealing with overwhelm. And we need all the help we can get on this topic, am I right?

The video says usually overwhelm is simply a result of inaction. So, just act. Take the next good step. Worry is a great indication of something: you’re not working. 

Worrying about your loved one? 

Action: pray for him or her, or call him or her. 

Worried about a job interview? 

Action: prep for it; research the company, write down your answers to questions. 

Worried about your overwhelming to do list?

Action: start with the very next thing you Can do. 

I’m sure you can take whatever you’re worried about and put it into this little equation. 

And what’s the next thing and last thing I’ll leave you with?

This motto: done is better than perfect. Forget what lies behind – the procrastination, doubt, worry, failure. And just do the the best thing. Done is better than perfect. Such a freeing thought.

Even as I sit here on this mat a few lame push-ups and jumping jacks in, I can embrace this idea. I didn’t want to go to the gym this morning (obviously, do I ever?) but we all know I wasn’t going to spend another morning scrolling into oblivion after yesterday haha, so I did go to the gym, and here I am. And done is better than perfect. So back to my (5 pound) dumbbells. 

Don’t stress today, all. Quickly determine what the next best thing you can do is, and immediately act upon that. And then remember, done is better than perfect. 


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