Friday Favorites • Edition 6

 Gah! This week has been crazy and I apologize I’ve been MIA. Work’s ramped up and our apartment is a tornado after moving in Tuesday and not having internet. I’m coming at you live from my desk at work before I run/bike home to my apartment in the sunshine (I love you, Chicago).

Tonight’s agenda includes margaritas and more move-in. Ultimate goal = be able to walk across the room without playing hopscotch. Perhaps a little blogging too – who knows what this crazy Friday will entail! It’s actually a little depressing how long gone the days of looking forward to being out until 2 a.m. are. 

On a sidenote, I also feel like I can’t even write a blog post today (seemingly so frufru and insignificant) without acknowledging all the awful things that happened this week – Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and violence across the country, including the tragedy in Dallas. Avenue Midwest is my outlet for the lighthearted things in life, so I won’t get into all this here because it’s not the platform, but this week, I will share that these incidents have been where my heart’s been at. Our country and our black brothers and sisters need our prayers and allyship. The time to make America better is today, so let’s jump on that train and do something about it – in our own unique ways and with our own unique talents.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend – here are my 5 fun little links of the week. xo! 

1. Know your wine! This infographic breaks it down visually in a web by white, red, rose, sparkling and fortified wine (er whatever that is). Naturally I scouted out cabernet (classified as a fruity red – surprising – with black cherry raspberry flavors and high tannins) as well as montepulciano (classified as a savory red, black pepper gravel taste (gravel – YUM!), and spicy/juicy). I think of tannins as bitterness/texture/what dries your mouth out a smidge. This is probably not exactly correct at all, but it gives you a starting point if you are like, what the heck is a tannin.  

2. These endearing recreations of childhood photos. 

3. This simple eye test to see if you need glasses. Do you see Marilyn Monroe or Einstein? If it’s the wrong one, you may want to consider an eye appointment. 

4. Four easy ways to reduce dark undereye circles. I do absolutely nothing with my undereyes so am taking note. 

5. 15 Lunches to make ahead of time for work (with hyperlinked recipes)! If you want the recipe for the tabbouleh shown below, you can find it here. If you want my favooorite work lunch recipe, you can find that here

 tabbouleh tabbouleh2

Happy weekend! 


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