Friday Favorites • May 26, 2017

Memorial Day weekend! 

Having a day off is *touchdown hands emoji* amiright?

Of course it’s important to step back and appreciate what Memorial Day itself stands for, too – a post on that will be resurfaced Monday so check back then.

As for now, today it’s my brother Luke’s birthday! I remember years ago on this day I was in 5th grade and went to the hospital to wait for his arrival. I wore khaki shorts and a purple flower shirt from Gap (I remember these kind of things) and I was so anxious to meet him. I also ate a strawberry pop-tart for breakfast – also the kind of thing I remember. And when Luke did arrive, my dad came into the kids’ waiting room to tell me and my other sister and brother. A single tear rolled down his face when he said, “you have a brother.” I could cry thinking of it! I’ve loved Luke so much since that day. Luke does not read this blog (lolll) but I hope he knows how much I love him and how incomplete our family would be without him, despite a large age gap existing between him and my other brother, who just graduated from college. Luke keeps us young, you know? Like those fidget spinners all over the news that kids are obsessed with? He has an 8th grade side hustle buying those cheap and reselling them, haha. Luke, you are awesome. (One person answered on my recent survey I was too wordy, and this is probably what she’s talking about haha! but the rest of you don’t seem to mind)

Andrew and I are shortly on our way to Harbor Springs, Michigan for the weekend with my friend Kelsey of With A Little Grace. She is so generous and sweet and Andrew and I are really excited to spend the weekend in the lake town with her, her husband Anthony and family. Plus, it’s always better to have Kelsey to walk around with taking blog photos with, so as not to look like a displaced tourist. 

Below are a couple things I wanted to share with you from the past week as far as links I love. And some photos of Luke because what’s a blog post without some visuals 🙂 

Friday Favorites

Exercises for Tricky Areas

I came across these exercises the other day and bookmarked them. For the very difficult areas to workout: think arm fat, lower belly and the like. So this weekend: beer, barbecues and burpees. 

The Map of Chicago Farmer’s Markets

Need I say more? If you don’t do farmer’s markets in the summer, you are missing out on the best activity. Plus, it’s great to support local businesses and this is the perfect opportunity. 

If you don’t live in Chicago, please just google “your city farmer’s markets” and go. People have full blown conniptions over pumpkin patches when September hits and I’m all like, what about the farmer’s markets. 

This Recipe Video for Honey Lime Shrimp

So light and looks so refreshing and delicious. 

The Book I’m Currently Reading

It’s called The Ego Is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday. So often we get caught up in ourselves without overtly realizing it, and this book is just a great reminder. Often, our worst enemy is not a situation or someone else, but ourselves and our ego. 

And Finally, the Shoes I just Bought (photo at bottom of post)! 

My coworker Maggie comes in wearing these cute shoes today, I ask her where they’re from, she gasps “Old. Navy!” and send me the link. They are currently $20. I definitely don’t need a new pair of shoes. 

Happy Birthday, Luke! And happy Friday, all!


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  • Kelsey | With A Little Grace
    June 19, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    never commented on this one either. I think the Wazers need to attend one of these farmers markets together this summer.

    • Jenny
      June 22, 2017 at 3:52 am

      hahah done and done!