Happy Birthday to My Husband, 2017 Edition

Anyone would agree that within 5 minutes of meeting Andrew, you know he’s just a “good guy.” In fact, you were probably put at ease within 10 seconds of meeting him. He just has this crazy way like that. He makes people so comfortable after even the shortest chat. The amount of life stories he has heard – from the woman cutting his hair at Great Clips to the man driving his cab…really any random person at all – it makes me marvel every time. 

He’s always made me feel that way too, like I’m home.

In fact, I was apparently so comfortable that after just a couple weeks of dating him in college, I drunkenly told I wanted to marry him! Nice. Not sending a red flag for being a stage 5 clinger at all, Jenny. 

But who woulda guessed, he agreed. And here we are. 1 year and 10 months married, 6 years and 9 months dating, a white fence and a golden retriever, two happy kids, still highly mature drinking habits on the weekends, lucky and happy.

Not without arguments and fights and irritations with each other that can be something serious, but with an understanding of one another that deepens all the time, a willingness to work whatever out, a mutual importance placed on loyalty and love, and a bedrock foundation of faith.   

Send your good vibes to Andrew today, friends.

Happy birthday, husband. We all love you. 

Photos from our engagement by Nick Edmundson of Nick + Danee 

Also from when Andrew rocked the buzzcut. Age 1-24 – RIP.

P.S. –  Almost an entire year(!) ago, Andrew was the person who encouraged me to launch this blog. I wrote this post wishing him a happy birthday, and this post on the reasons I started this blog in the first place. Can’t believe it’s been almost a year. I’m really grateful for this hobby and creative outlet and very, very grateful for people like you and Andrew who find value in it and follow along. 

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